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From data novice to data consultant in just 12 months

The Redkite Academy is for those who want a fast-track into the data industry. It is designed to unleash potential.

Our programmes offer an intensive blend of hands-on training, expert mentoring and real-world client delivery. In less than 12 months, you will be steering the data journey of global organisations as a Redkite Consultant.

“The Redkite Academy is THE CAREER ACCELERATOR I wish I had when I started IN DATA”

Henry Crawford, former Head of Data at Deliveroo and Redkite Director

Who can join the Redkite Academy?

Anyone, from any background, can work in data.

At Redkite, some of us came straight into data; others took a different path. In our previous lives, we have been pilots, dancers, butchers and double bassists. Some have been rigorously academic. Some relentlessly practical.

But we all share the same drive. We need to understand the complex, we love creating solutions, and we strive for excellence in everything we do.

Why choose the Redkite Academy?


A job in data with acceleration like no other

12 months of on the job training, as broad as it is deep, enhancing prospects for a bright career ahead.


A foundation in data, fit for a leader of tomorrow

A rigorous programme, giving you a level of data expertise that far exceeds your time in the industry, with a guaranteed role at the end.


A chance to work alongside the best in the industry

Joining a team of data leaders, driven by learning and ready to share their expertise, launching you into your career in data.

Be part of a business leading the industry: Redkite

At Redkite, we are on a mission to redefine the way entire industries use data. We aim to set the standard, and continually raise it. We work in close partnership with senior business leaders to provide end-to-end, full stack data expertise from strategy to design to build.

The moment you join the Redkite Academy, you are part of the Redkite team.

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